How to Top Up Diamond in Mobile Legends

There are so many cases of hacking or hacking on Mobile Legends accounts lately. The problem is largely due to the fact that Mobile Legends players are still laying out hacking or hacking techniques called “Phishing”. This time we will discuss How to Restore a Mobile Legends (ML) Account got the latest hack that you can do.

The Phishing Hacking Technique is one of the hacking techniques used to trick the victim through a login page that is created exactly the same as the original login page. Login access such as e-mail and password will be sent to the e-mail hacker after the victim is logged on the Phishing page of the hacker.

Therefore, Mobile Legends Player must be careful not to be hit by a hacking technique called Phishing. Do not want to log in on an application or website that provides frills to get diamonds or Mobile Legends skin for free, because it is certain that it is a Phishing website owned by hackers.

Then what if your Mobile Legends account has been hacked? Take it easy, on this occasion we will provide an explanation of how to restore a Mobile Legends Account that was hacked by hackers. You must remember the detailed information of the account you have, for example, what kind of tier do you have, how many skins, IDs and servers do you have, and what The last is the name of your Mobile Legends account.

If all the detailed information regarding the account is remembered by you, the next step is to contact Mobile Legends Customer Service via Email. Make sure you call in polite and refined language too. Because, you are asking CS for help, so pay attention to the language you use. Here’s how!

The next step you need to do is fill in “My Mobile Legends Account Has Been Hacked” in the subject line of the Email. After that, all you have to do is fill in the main contents to ask Mobile Legends to help you restore your account.

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